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★ Achieve a Balanced Lifestyle: Our primary focus is to help you find the perfect balance between work and life. Our community stands for mental clarity and a healthy work & life balance

★ Expert-Led Discussions: Dive deep into carefully selected topics that tackle both productivity and procrastination. Learn actionable strategies to conquer your to-do list and reclaim your time.

★ Small Groups for Meaningful Conversations: We divide into compact groups of 5 to ensure not just active listening, but also meaningful participation.

★ Accountability Partners: Leave the workshop with an accountability partner to keep you on track. The power of social commitment can be the extra push you need to stay productive.

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OFFLINE in Lisbon 🇵🇹 → Wed 29/11 Workshop 19:00 - 21:00 → Co-work afternoon [date = gonna be announced]

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Dylan Mouthaan

Dylan Mouthaan

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Fred 🇧🇪, one the attendees of the Productivity Workshop

Fred 🇧🇪, one the attendees of the Productivity Workshop

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